The 4Art Gallery Team

Chicago’s Finest

Robin Monique Rios

Robin is a Chicago native and is the founder and director of 4Art Inc Gallery. Robin graduated with honors from the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, with a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts in Visual Communications in June 2003. While attending the Institute, she found her passion in photography. Using Photoshop like a painter uses canvas and a pallet of paint, Robin discovered the outlet through which she could be the most creative. She isn’t your typical digital artist. She’s a Digital Painter. One of Robin’s most notable body of works has been her “Observation Series” which she has been working on for nearly a decade: a thought provoking series which has been exhibited in many galleries and museums, solo and group shows. Robin’s work has been collected nationally and internationally.  Robin challenges herself through her art, not only as a nature and architecture photographer/digital media but in her sculptural and mixed media work as well. She has never been afraid to delve into the unknown and strives to experiment and challenge her creative spirit. Robin is also concerned with the future of emerging artists and, through her gallery, she shares her experiences in assisting artists in their creative process and motivates them to become familiar with the business of art.
Christopher E. Galvin

Artist and graphic designer Christopher E. Galvin has an undeniable appreciation for the City of Chicago. Native of the south suburbs, his admiration is expressed through vibrantly colorful paintings – depicting pedestrian scenes and iconic images throughout Chicago. His graphic, eye-popping style has undoubtedly been influenced by his fifteen years in the design industry. Notable projects include The Beans and his Chicago Pedestrian Views.
Robert W. Pockmire

I was born July 31, 1951 and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  After a year and a semester at The Ohio State University, I headed north to Grand Rapids, Mich. and 3 years later received a Diploma in Illustration in 1973. Moved to New York City and lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan for Norcross cards in 1974. Moved to Uptown in Chicago and became furniture Illustrator for L. Fish Furniture. Worked for Victory Gardens Theater as House Manager, techie and Graphic Designer. Then I was hired by Diamond Toymakers in 1985, who are now Flix Candy/Imaginings 3. Will celebrate 30 years next year as Production Designer/Prototypes/Sales Samples and product photography. Restarted painting around 2010 while painting at The Edge Gallery.  I now have a studio in the Uptown Arts Center.  I live in East Lakeview.  My most recent paintings can be seen at 4Artinc Gallery in the Zhou B Art Center.